End User Support

  • 20 mars
  • Nepal
  • CDD
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Software support:

* Dealing with escalations, issues, functionality questions, queries and concerns regarding new software rollouts and applications in use at the client. Actions to be taken for example: Floor walking and offering assistance to users, resolving minor issues immediately at the user's desk, consulting individual client internal staff but also other 3rd Party Vendors from other client Managed Service Contracts or client Application Management for additional information, providing feedback to client users etc.
* Providing demonstrations of the functionality of new software to client users. As requested by client, these demonstrations shall be given to single users at their desks, locally at a central point of contact such as a Kiosk or to multiple users during organised training sessions.
* Perform installations / de-installations of the Operating system WIN7/10 and/or software, when required by client Application Management or other project teams.
* Assist 1st level Support as well as Application Management with software releases by performing administrative tasks as instructed by the client. For this purpose, the Contractor may be required to station staff with the relevant Application Management unit on site.