Actuary - Modelling Manager M/F

  • 26 mars
  • Ireland
  • CDI
Overview of role

Management of the activities and work of the Modelling Teams.
2 teams led by 2 team leaders, 8 staff currently with 1 open position.
3 legal entities CACI Life, Non-Life, Re reporting to the CBI.
2 legal entities and Finaref Vie and RD reporting to the ACPR (French regulator).
1 service company providing Actuarial services to another company in the group within the Business unit.
Manage the team (deadlines, processes), allocate efficiently the resources, assure retention of staff and skills improvement, monitor performance and succeed new staff integration.

Team 1: Modelling
Oversee the timely and accurate delivery of Solvency 2 BEL, SCR, Variation analyses calculations including the production of all the Actuarial information feeding into QRTs, SFCR and RSR reports.
Oversee the production of Group reporting requirements
Sensitivities, New Business value calculations and produce estimates for the Quarterly Capital Planning meetings by producing SCR coverage projections.

Oversee the production of the ALM calculations including the input into the ALM committee and the quarterly Market SCR calculations as well as the quarterly and annual Market SCR calculations.

Oversee the Budget and ORSA process.
Propose suitable stress scenarios for the Board and Risk Committee to be tested together with the Group defined scenarios.
Present the information to the Board and prepare the ORSA reports.

Team 2: Prophet Models
Ensure compliance with group guidelines in terms of model developments and testing.
Plan and guide major Prophet Developments as required to meet the changing business and regulatory environment in particular for IFRS 17.

Transverse missions for A&UW in Dublin
Create and monitor the overall Dublin actuarial teams planning.
Manage internal communication and committees : Bi-Monthly Meetings with Team Leaders and Monthly Meetings (define agendas and organize contributions).
Manage implementation of audit recommendations (Group Internal Audit, External Auditors, Actuarial Function).
Implement an internal instance dedicated to follow-up implementation of recommendations.

Develop, update, implement and improve control processes related to the activity of the actuarial department.
Work to ensure continuous improvements in these processes to maximize the efficiency of the team.

People First
To assign workload and projects to each member of the staff
To follow up on HR processes
attendance, probationary period, performance management, etc.?
To develop and coach our staff to reach their potential within CACI
To identify with your team individually their strengths and their areas for improvement
To identify the teams individual talents and abilities and harness those for their development and to optimise the business
To coach and encourage staff to enhance their professional actuarial qualifications (when required)
To fully apply the performance management process

? Minimum 10 years of professional experience

? Actuarial qualification.